Pune: PMC to Ban Complete Concretisation in Housing Societies to Address Flooding

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Pune, 11th June 2024: Amid growing criticism from citizens and political parties regarding frequent flooding and waterlogging on Pune’s roads during heavy rains, Pune Municipal Commissioner Rajendra Bhosale has identified a major contributing factor: excessive concretisation of land in housing societies.

Bhosale highlighted that the root cause of the inundation problems is the lack of open land, which prevents rainwater from seeping into the ground. He stressed the need for collaborative efforts to address this issue and suggested that housing societies create bare land trenches to facilitate water percolation. To comprehensively tackle this problem, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) plans to draft a policy that prohibits the complete concretisation of housing society grounds.

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Additionally, Bhosale pointed out that the city’s stormwater drains are unable to handle the increased water volume from unexpected heavy rainfall. The PMC is actively identifying chronic waterlogging spots and working on solutions, including investigating the diversion and closure of drains.