Pune: PMC to hire a private firm to identify encroachments in the city

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Pune, February 1, 2021:  Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to hire a private firm to identify the encroachments at various places in the city.  Moreover, with the help of artificial intelligence and google mapping, separate software will be developed for the encroachment identification.

In the budget proposed by PMC for the year 2021-2022, a provision is made for encroachment identification and action against them. The PMC has proposed to hire a private firm. Also, a separate software system will be developed to combat the issue. Some officials have argued that it will be a wastage of public money to hire a private firm as it will need more money. The officials have said that the PMC should work to resolve the issue.

A senior PMC official has said that there is too much encroachment on each street, footpaths, lanes, and so many other places; therefore, it is difficult for PMC to identify that encroachment on its own. Hence PMC has to take external and technological support for the rapid action against the encroachments.