Pune: PMC Warns Of Salary Cut If Biometric Attendance Not Fulfilled By Municipal Employees

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Pune, 13th November 2022: Biometric attendance of municipal employees, which was stopped during the corona period, has been restarted. But, most employees are signing in office notebooks instead of biometrics.


Pune Municipal Corporation’s Additional Commissioner Ravindra Binawade has ordered that salary will not be paid if the biometric procedure is not duly completed regularly.


The administration has linked biometric attendance with Aadhaar for Pune Municipal employees. So it gets accurate information about when the employee came to work and when they left. Because of this, employees were disciplined. Due to the risk of infection during the Corona period, the administration stopped biometric attendance. Instead, attendance was recorded by signing in the notebook of the concerned department in the traditional manner. After the downfall of Corona, the Additional Commissioner once again issued orders for biometric attendance. But, it has been observed that most of the employees prefer signatures instead of biometrics. Therefore, Binawade has issued an order to attend biometrics, otherwise, stop the salary from November 15.



Orders –

– Concerned head of the account should check whether all the officers and servants of his department have been registered in the biometric attendance system.

– Head of Account should submit the information in this regard to the Deputy Commissioner of the General Administration Department.

– Officers or employees who are not registered in the Biometric Attendance System or are not attending should not be paid salary from 15th November onwards.

– The account Head, Chief Accounts, and Finance Officers of the department should be vigilant in this regard.


The Electricity Department has installed 13 machines in the PMC Main Building and one machine each in other offices and regional offices. The machines at other places, including the municipal secretary’s office, are closed. So the employees there are signing in. Also, since the fingerprints of many employees are not available, arrangements will be made on Monday to scan their eyes, the Electricity Department stated.


Current Manpower in Municipal Corporation

Category – Currently working

Class One – 96

Class Two – 346

Class Three – 4141

Class Four – 8985

Cleaning staff – 7238

Municipal Zonal Office – 15


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