Pune: PMC’s Final Call To Submit PT3 Forms For Property Tax Concession, 15th November Deadline

PMC Pune
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Pune, 7th November 2023: With the property tax submission deadline looming, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) property tax department has reported that out of the 350,000 taxpayers, only 75,000 have submitted their forms to date. The clock is ticking, as citizens have just 10 days left to complete and submit the PT3 forms before the November 15 deadline.

In response to a recent decision by the state government, the PMC has extended a 40% concession in property tax to eligible property taxpayers. To avail this benefit, individuals must promptly submit the ‘PT-3 form.’
PMC has facilitated easy access to the PT3 application form, available for download on its official website. Citizens can print the form and submit it to the property inspector at the respective zonal offices or citizen facilitation centers. The submission process requires a nominal fee of ₹50, payable in person.

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The PMC emphasizes the importance of timely submission to ensure that eligible property owners do not miss out on the government’s concession. By adhering to the November 15 deadline, residents can play their part in availing the concession and contributing to the smooth functioning of municipal services.

As the deadline approaches, the PMC property tax department encourages all eligible taxpayers to complete the submission process promptly, avoiding any last-minute rush. The Corporation remains committed to providing accessible avenues for submission, urging citizens to take advantage of the online and in-person options available for a seamless and efficient process.