Pune: Police And Army Organize Joint Anti-Terrorist Exercise Suraksha Kavach

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Pune, October 13, 2020: Indian Army’s Agnibaaz Division organized a joint exercise for both Army and Maharashtra Police at Lullanagar on October 9. The aim of the exercise was to harmonize the drills and procedures of both Army and Police for activating anti-terrorist Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) to counter any terrorist actions in Pune.
The exercise involved participation of Quick Reaction Teams, Dog Squads and Bomb Disposal Teams of Army as well as Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and Quick Reaction Team of Maharashtra Police. A simulated exercise scenario was built up regarding the presence of terrorist in family accommodations at Lullanagar, based on which Quick Reaction Teams of Army initially established the outer cordon. Traffic control on the nearby roads was jointly carried out by Maharashtra traffic police and Corps of Military Police Army.
Joint action was thereafter carried out by Army’s Counter Terrorism Task Force (CTTF) and Quick Reaction Team of Maharashtra Police to neutralize terrorists, it involved room intervention drill, search of room for any unidentified items/explosives by Dog squads and their neutralization/ diffusion by Bomb Disposal Units. An equipment display was also organized, showcasing important equipment required for the conduct of this exercise. The exercise was carried out taking all safety norms of COVID-19 into consideration and strength of participating troops was scaled down accordingly.
The exercise provided an opportunity for both Army and Police to cooperate, coordinate, coopt and streamline their drills and procedures. Overall, it was a great learning experience for both.

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