Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar Cracks Down On Club Owners: Parade Targets Illegal Activities

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Pune, 5th February 2024: Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar announced a series of measures aimed at curbing illegal activities in the city and enhancing public safety. Commissioner Kumar emphasized that strict action would be taken against individuals giving silent consent to illegal businesses, as well as those directly or indirectly involved, including police personnel and officials.

One of the key announcements pertained to the closure of pubs in the city after 1:30 AM. Commissioner Kumar underscored that anyone disregarding these regulations would face consequences, stating, “If anyone does not understand the language of love, they should end their hobby of playing with fire.” This move aims to address concerns related to nightlife and potential connections between criminal activities and late-night establishments.

A notable development in the fight against illegal businesses was a parade organized by the crime branch, showcasing individuals associated with prominent clubs in the city. Commissioner Kumar clarified that eradicating illegal activities would take time but assured transparency and a focus on effective policing. The Commissioner also highlighted increased patrolling by the Damini squad for enhanced women’s safety.

In cases where an offender with a criminal record commits an offence, the concerned police officers will be held accountable. Reporting offences related to individuals on parole, parole, murder, attempted murder, or bail for serious offences will be mandatory. The Detection Branch of the relevant police station will be tasked with investigating such cases.

Addressing concerns related to stagnation and potential misconduct, Commissioner Kumar announced a policy requiring the transfer of police personnel and officers who have served in the same police station or department for more than five years. This policy aims to prevent undue influence and maintain the integrity of the force. Notably, 77 police sub-inspectors and assistant police inspectors are scheduled for immediate transfer.

Commissioner Kumar expressed his commitment to understanding and addressing the challenges faced by police personnel and officers by conducting darbars in each zone and various branches. Additionally, to alleviate traffic congestion, a dedicated effort will be made to identify major intersections facing issues and implement solutions promptly. A meeting of traffic branch officials has been scheduled to streamline these efforts.

Acknowledging the rising threat of cybercrime, the Pune Police will bolster the cyber police station with additional personnel and seek expert assistance through outsourcing. Commissioner Kumar recognized that these initiatives would take time but emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to ensure long-term effectiveness.