Traffic Decongestion Plan to Begin with Wagholi; Crackdown on Notorious Criminals Underway, Says Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar

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Mubarak Ansari and Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 5th February 2024: The newly appointed Pune Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar, in his interaction with the media today, addressed several crucial issues affecting the city:

1. Bar Deadline Strictly Enforced:
Police Commissioner Kumar emphasized the strict enforcement of the 1:30 am deadline for pubs and bars. Additionally, those violating permissible limits by playing loud music will face legal consequences in accordance with the law.

2. Traffic Decongestion Initiatives:
Acknowledging traffic concerns as a major issue for citizens, Commissioner Kumar outlined plans to address congestion. The focus is on implementing short-term measures for immediate relief and subsequently initiating engineering and infrastructure changes with the collaboration of relevant agencies. The traffic situation in Wagholi is currently under study, and measures will be implemented accordingly. Feedback and assessments are also being gathered for University Chowk, Katraj Chowk, Khadi Machine Chowk (Kondhwa), Navale Bridge, Shimla Office Chowk, among others.

3. Rise in Cyber Crime Cases:
Commissioner Kumar noted a significant increase in cybercrime cases. Due to the recent transfer of officers and staff following election commission guidelines, he highlighted the ongoing effort to appoint tech-savvy personnel with an aptitude for cybercrime investigation. The police force is also set to acquire high-end software to enhance crime detection and prevention capabilities.

4. Organised Crime Focus:
To combat organised crime, the Crime Branch units have been assigned tasks to keep notorious individuals under surveillance. Daily rounds of history-sheeters are being conducted, with the Anti-extortion and dacoity cells targeting criminals involved in bodily offences (offences against the human body).

Recently card club owners were paraded by the Crime Branch.

5. Constable Transfers and Grievance Resolution:
Recognizing constables as the backbone of the police system, Commissioner Kumar announced the transfer of constables who have completed five years at one police station or unit. He intends to hold zone-level Darbars (meetings) to understand constables’ grievances and aims to provide them with choice postings in adherence to norms.

6. Police Urged to Avoid Settlements and Illegal Activities:
It has come to light that some police officers and constables may be tacitly supporting illegal activities. Strict warnings have been issued, emphasizing severe punishments for those found involved. In instances of land disputes, attempts to manipulate situations with police assistance have been noted. However, such tactics will not be tolerated. In a recent land dispute case under Lonikand police station, charges were filed against both parties when one of them filed a complaint.

Commissioner Kumar asserted, “Curbing illegal activities is crucial to reducing crime rates.”

7. Focused Effort on Prostitution Business:
Complaints have surfaced regarding solicitation near bus stops, leading to harassment of women returning home late at night. Commissioner Kumar urged the public to report such incidents to the police control room (112), assuring the deployment of the Damini Squad to address the issue.

He emphasized, “People should not face any problems on the road or at any public place.”

8. Police Accountability Strengthened:
In cases where an offender with a criminal record commits an offense, the responsible police officers will be held accountable. If an externed individual (Tadipar) is found involved, the Detection Branch (DB) of the relevant police station will be held answerable.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar assured the public of his commitment to addressing these issues effectively, fostering a safer and more secure environment for Pune residents.