Pune Police Commissioner Gives Tips About How To Get E-Pass For Inter-District Travel

Pune Police Lockdown Epass E-pass
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 11th May 2021: Considering the increasing Coronavirus disease (COVID19) cases, the Maharashtra government imposed a lockdown last month and made an e-pass compulsory for inter-district and interstate travel.

The statistics of Pune city police show that out of a total of 1.1 lakh applications, only 28,698 people have got the passes till today afternoon. Currently, citizens are being given digital passes for the funeral, marriage, medical reasons and air travel. People have to apply on Covid19.mhpolice.in for the digital pass (e-pass).

After getting complaints from people about their applications getting rejected, Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta has pointed out common mistakes in the applications and also given some tips for getting the e-pass. He said that a team comprising one police inspector, two assistant police inspectors, two police sub-inspectors and 20 police personnel are working round the clock for issuing e-passes. 

Important tips about this digital pass

1) In case of death or serious illness of a close person (mother/father/brother/sister/first cousin/sister-in-law/brother-in-law), marriage, hospital, if the citizens of Pune city want to go outside Pune district, digital pass (e-pass) is being issued by Pune city police provided necessary documents are submitted online.

2) If you want to go to a funeral, you should mention your relationship with the deceased. Also, a death certificate, cemetery certificate, village sarpanch or police patil certificate, or

documents such as hospital doctor certificate should be submitted. If there is a medical reason, it is necessary to submit the hospital appointment letter along with the hospital documents for treatment.

3) E-pass will be given to the bride and groom, their parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and uncles for the wedding ceremony. But for this, it is necessary to attach the wedding card.

4) Digital pass will be issued to the citizens to go to the airport for traveling by air.

Some errors in filling up citizen application for e-pass

1. Identity cards of yourself and your traveling companions are not attached while filling the application.

2. Medical Fitness Certificate or Covid-19 Negative Certificate is not submitted along with the application while submitting it. (test done within last 72 hours.)

3. Documents related to the reason for traveling are not attached.

4. Not all the above documents required for filling up the application are attached in PDF format. Also, the photos of the submitted documents are vague.

5. The reason for travel is mentioned in the application is incomplete and the current residence address is not mentioned in full.

6. Citizens traveling by air will be given a digital pass to travel. But for that, they need to add a travel ticket or boarding pass.

The city police chief also reviewed the pending/rejected applications after getting token numbers on Twitter today. 

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