Pune Police Constable Falls Victim to Cyber Thieves, Lost Rs 5 Lakh in Online Investment Scam

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Shivajinagar, 4th January 2024: A 29-year-old police constable has filed a complaint at the Shivajinagar police station, reporting an online investment scam that led to the loss of Rs 5 lakh. Based on the constable’s complaint, a case has been registered against an unknown individual holding a mobile phone and using Telegram, along with the associated bank account holder involved in the scam.

The constable initially engaged with the cyber thieves after receiving messages on his mobile phone. The scammers enticed him by promising good returns on advertisements and social media posts. Having found success with the initial tasks, the police constable was lured into making investments. The cyber thieves persuaded him that online investments would yield substantial returns, eventually causing the constable to transfer Rs 4,99,000 online.

Once the money was transferred, the cyber thieves promptly switched off their mobile phones, leaving the constable in the realization that he had been deceived. In response, he quickly reported the incident to the police station.

Shivajinagar Police are investigating the matter further.