Pune: Police Constable Plays Motherly Role in Reuniting Lost Child

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Pune, 2nd June 2023: In a heartwarming incident at the Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir, constable Vishakha Sarode of the Faraskhana traffic police department played the role of a mother to a lost child and successfully reunited him with his family. The five-year-old boy named Suramya Malik had gotten separated from his family in the crowded temple area on Shivaji Road, leaving him in distress.

Suramya was visiting the temple with nine members of his family from Chikhali when he lost sight of them. As he searched for his parents, tears streaming down his face, Constable Sarode noticed the distraught child. She approached Suramya gently and inquired about his parents and his place of residence. However, the little boy was unable to provide any concrete information such as his home address or contact numbers.

Constable Sarode shared, “Suramya’s parents were occupied with paying the rickshaw fare when they briefly lost sight of him. In the commotion near the temple, he got separated from the family and began to panic.” She continued, “Suramya attempted to locate his parents amidst the crowd but couldn’t find them. He ended up near a public toilet at Bhudhwar Chowk, where he started sobbing. It was at that moment when I, being on duty in the area, noticed him.”

Concerned for the lost child’s well-being, Sarode immediately took Suramya to nearby shops and inquired if anyone had seen his parents searching for him. She also sought assistance from local vendors, but unfortunately, no one had any information to offer. Determined to help the young boy, Sarode informed her fellow traffic policemen stationed in the area as well as the security personnel at the Ganpati temple to direct anyone seeking a lost child to the Faraskhana traffic police division.

Taking charge of the situation, Sarode brought Suramya to the traffic police division office, where she comforted and cared for him for nearly two hours. Meanwhile, the boy’s worried parents arrived at the office desperately searching for their beloved son. The sight of Suramya sitting and conversing with the traffic police personnel brought tears of relief and joy to his mother’s eyes.

Senior police inspector Dadasaheb Chudappa of the Faraskhana police station acknowledged the efforts made by Constable Sarode. He stated, “Over the past six months, we have dealt with two cases of missing young girls. We have successfully located one, and our search for the other is still ongoing.”

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