Pune Police Introduces Cyber Patrolling to Monitor Criminals’ Online Activities

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Pune, 8th February 2024: Following the recent public display of gangsters and criminals involved in various illicit activities, including narcotics, firearms dealing, and gambling, the Pune city police have shifted their focus to cyber patrolling. The initiative aims to monitor the online activities of criminals and their associates who often glorify crimes and those involved.

Officials from the cyber police station and the social media cell of Pune police are actively engaged in this cyber patrolling effort. This move comes after city-based gangster Nilesh Ghaiwal posted a reel on social media showcasing his visit to Mantralaya in Mumbai. The widely circulated video prompted the police to summon 11 prominent gangsters out of a total of 260 criminals, including the leaders of 21 newly formed gangs.

Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar emphasized, “We will track down handles with names like XXX@302, XXXX@307, @Bhaigiri, @gangster, and more—and we will take strong action against the operators of these handles.”

Many criminals from Pune have been found posting photos flaunting illegal firearms, swords, and billhooks. Some even upload songs and dialogues challenging their rivals, leading to an escalation in serious crimes.

“Our teams will closely monitor the online activities of these criminals on police records. If anyone uploads a post glorifying crime or a criminal, or throws a challenge to a criminal, we will take strong action against them,” stated Commissioner Kumar.