Pune Police K9 Dog Squad Showcase Their Work Online On International Dog Day

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Vivek Patil 

Shivajinagar, 27th August 2021: Pune Police’s special K9 dog squad of the Crime Branch organized a virtual ‘meet and greet ‘ on Thursday, 26th August i.e. International Dog Day. The dogs performed on police headquarters parade ground shed 1 and it was shared via social media.

The objective of the event was to create awareness about how the dogs of the Crime Branch work and to showcase their effectiveness and how they achieved their previous successes. The event was also aimed to bridge the gap between the dog squad of Pune and the general public.

The event captured the public’s curiosity. A demo was shown which displayed their obedience, how a trained dog detects a bomb and how they spot and recognize narcotics substances. A visual demonstration of dog’s ‘refusal of food’ given by strangers was exhibited; where the dogs only accepted canine food from people they recognize.

Later basic drill activities like saluting were also performed which astounded the public.

“Commissioner of Police Amitabh Gupta conceptualized this entire event and it was his idea. He is a dog lover“, said Ganesh Pandale, handler of one of the nine dogs.

“It was a very unique experience for all of us too, as we showcased our work with the dogs and we felt motivated. The event was very successful and loved by the audience. We plan to organize this event again in the future”, he further added.

Who are the 9 special dogs?

Every dog that is selected goes through a training period of nine months for Indian Penal Code (IPC) criminal activities, six months for bomb detection, and seven months for drugs detection.

As of today, the dog squad of the Pune crime branch has three dogs for bomb detection, two dogs for narcotics, and four dogs for IPC crimes.

The names of the dogs are Badal (9 years 10 months), Prince (9 years 10 months ), James (4 years 4 months), Veeru (9 years 9 months), Jack (5 years 1 month), Simmba (2 years 8 months), Leo (5 years 1 month), Rudra (5 years 1 month) and Rambo (9 years 10 months ).