Pune Police Nab Notorious Two-Wheeler Thief, Resolves 13 Cases

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Pune, 4th May 2024: Pune Police have apprehended a notorious thief specializing in stealing two-wheelers for personal use. This thief had stolen approximately 15 vehicles and transported them to his native village in the Latur district. These incidents unfolded across various areas under the jurisdiction of the Pune Police Commissionerate from 2021 to April 2024.

The culprit, identified as Khandu Dilip Choudhary, aged 23 and a resident of Nilanga, Latur, was apprehended by the Faraskhana Police. As a result of this arrest, 13 crimes registered across different police stations of the Pune City Commissionerate have been successfully resolved.

According to police reports, Choudhary is a seasoned criminal with cases registered against him at the Faraskhana Police Station, Kothrud Police Station, Chaturshringi Police Station, and Vihsrambaug Wada Police Station. The Detection Branch of the Faraskhana Police Station regularly patrolled and scrutinized CCTV footage in the area to identify this thief. Acting on confidential information received from their sources, the DB officials were near Nehru Chowk, Vegetable Market. Upon encountering him and questioning him, the individual identified himself as Khandu Choudhary. Subsequent investigation confirmed that he was indeed the same thief against whom cases were registered.

Further interrogation revealed that he had transported the 15 stolen two-wheelers to his native Nilanga village in the Latur District and had been engaged in these activities since 2021. Collaborating with the Shirur Anantpal Police, the Faraskhana Police seized the 15 vehicles and arrested the thief.

The operation was conducted under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-1) Sandeep Singh Gill, ACP (Faraskhana Division) Rukmini Galande and Senior Police Inspector Prashant Bhasme. The team included Police Inspector (Crime) Ajit Jadhav, Assistant Police Inspector Vaibhav Gaikwad, Police Sub Inspector Nilesh Mokashi, police personnel Rizwan Jinedi, Sameer Malvadkar, Rakesh Kshirsagar, Pravin Pasalkar, Vaibhav Swamy, Sumit Khutte, Sandeep Kamble, Mehbub Mokashi, Pramod Mohite, Ganesh Atole, Shashikant Nanavare, Tushar Khadke and Ajit Shinde.