Pune Police Parade Notorious Criminals Including Marne, Ghaiwal And Bodke; “Auqat Me Raho” Message Given

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Mubarak Ansari & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 6th February 2024: In a decisive move, the Pune Police Crime Branch, under the directive of the newly appointed Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, organized a parade of known criminals at the Police Commissioner’s office today. A total of 267 criminals from 32 gangs were summoned for the parade.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, who recently assumed office, initiated this action as part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle criminal activities in the city. The parade aimed to showcase individuals with a criminal record, including notorious figures like Gajanan Marne, Baba Bodke, Nilesh Ghaiwal, Tipu Pathan, Khada Wasim, Sachin Pote and several others.

A senior Crime Branch officer said, “The display of these individuals with criminal backgrounds served as a public statement on the commitment to maintaining safety and order within the city. They were given ‘right police treatment’ and told to remain in their limits (auqat me raho) and not to indulge in Bhaigiri and Dadagiri.”

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar expressed his determination to crack down on criminal elements, emphasizing that such proactive measures are essential for fostering a secure environment for Pune’s residents. The move aligns with his broader vision of strengthening the police force’s role in crime prevention and community safety.

This development is part of ongoing efforts by law enforcement to keep the public informed about actions taken to curb criminal activities in Pune. The Police Commissioner’s office encourages residents to cooperate with authorities and report any suspicious activities (on 112), further fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining peace and security in the city.

“I have assigned targets to the Crime Branch to round up individuals with a history of criminal activities. This initiative aims to monitor and curb the activities of goons, particularly those associated with organized gangs,” revealed the commissioner during an interaction with the media yesterday.

As per the direction of the top cop, Crime Branch Units 1, 2 and Anti-Extortion Cell 1 today brought the criminals on police records. DCP (Crime Branch) Amol Zende warned them in clear terms. ACP (Crime 1) Sunil Tambe, ACP (Crime 2) Satish Govekar and units in-charge police inspectors alongwith their teams were also present on the occasion.

ACP Tambe and ACP Govekar informed the individuals that it is now mandatory for them to provide their latest addresses, phone numbers, and social media account details to the police. “They should refrain from making excuses later and must be present before the police whenever summoned.”