Pune Police Seize Mercedes Allegedly Used in Agarwal Family Driver’s Kidnapping

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Pune, 28th May 2024: Daily revelations continue to unfold regarding the tragic Porsche incident in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, where a minor, allegedly intoxicated, caused the deaths of two individuals on a two-wheeler. Pune Police, in their meticulous investigation, are leaving no stone unturned. As part of this probe, they seized a brown Mercedes, bearing registration number MH 12 PC 9916, suspected to be involved in the kidnapping of the Agarwal family’s driver.

The driver of the Porsche, Gangaram Pujari, was initially identified, but it was later revealed that the minor son of builder Agarwal was behind the wheel during the fatal accident. Allegations surfaced that Surendra Kumar Agarwal, the minor’s grandfather, along with his family, abducted Pujari, transporting him to an undisclosed location against his will. They purportedly pressured him into falsely confessing to driving the car at the time of the accident, promising various incentives, including a flat in Pune. However, Pujari resisted these attempts and disclosed the kidnapping during court proceedings, complicating matters for the Agarwal family.

Surendra Kumar Agarwal was subsequently arrested for the driver’s kidnapping, along with allegations of evidence tampering. Gangaram Pujari corroborated the kidnapping account in court, revealing the Agarwal family’s involvement. The Mercedes allegedly used in the abduction has been brought to Yerawada Police Station for forensic examination. Investigators aim to ascertain its travel route and the individual driving it during the purported kidnapping. Speculations suggest the car may have been transported to Mumbai.