Maruti Ertiga Collides with Tanker Watering Trees on Pune-Solapur Highway, 6 Injured

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Daund, 28th May 2024: A collision on the Pune-Solapur National Highway near Khadki, Daund Taluka, involving a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and a tanker watering trees, has left six individuals injured. The accident occurred around noon when the Ertiga car rear-ended the tanker, resulting in significant damage to the car’s front end and serious injuries to its occupants.

The incident, which took place in front of Lakshminarayan Mangal Karyalay, was attributed to alleged negligence on the part of the tanker driver, who was reportedly watering trees on the road divider. The Ertiga car, bearing registration number MH 14 LB 7071 and traveling from Solapur to Pune, collided with the tanker from behind, causing substantial damage to both vehicles.

The injured individuals were swiftly transported to a private hospital in Bhigwan, Indapur Taluka, where they are currently receiving medical treatment. Villagers claim that the accident could have been prevented if the tanker driver had displayed a reflector at the rear of the vehicle, thus alerting vehicles approaching from behind.

Given the widening of the Pune-Solapur highway and the increased speeds of oncoming traffic, it is essential to adhere to safety measures such as using reflectors to prevent accidents. Failure to do so not only poses risks to motorists but also disrupts traffic flow. Concerned authorities are urged to take proactive steps to address safety concerns along the highway, lest residents resort to protests to demand action.