Pune: Police Take Blood Samples from Party-Goers in Pune’s FC Road Drug Scandal

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Shivajinagar, 25th June 2024: Police have taken blood samples from 10 individuals who attended a party at a pub on Ferguson College (FC) Road in Pune, following the emergence of a viral video showing youths consuming drugs in a washroom. Pune City Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated that testing these samples will reveal information regarding drug consumption. Subsequently, the police sealed off the pub in question and filed cases against its manager and staff.

“If a person consumes drugs, traces remain in their body for 48 hours,” explained Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, emphasizing that the medical examination will ascertain any drug use during the party. Meanwhile, the youths involved in drug consumption at the party are currently absconding and have not been identified. Police are actively searching for them.

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The party organizers are unaware of the identities of these youths, who had paid online to attend. Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of the drugs and how they were distributed.