Pune Police Wants License Cancellation for 8 Clubs, Including Ballr, Plunge, and Elephant, Over Late-Night Operations

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 2nd January 2023: In a decisive move, the Pune Police has written letters to the Maharashtra State Excise Department and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) requesting the cancellation of licenses for eight clubs, citing concerns over late-night operations. This stern action is part of the police’s ongoing efforts to curb sound pollution and address the challenges posed by establishments operating beyond stipulated hours.


The clubs under scrutiny include two in Koregaon Park Police Station jurisdiction – Hotel Kora and Plunge, one in Mundhwa Police Station – Freek, and five in the jurisdiction of Yerwada Police Station – Elrow, Unicorn, Ballr, House and Affairs, and Elephant and Company, Kalyani Nagar. There have been many complaints from local residents against these establishments in the past.


This initiative follows a previous move by Pune Police in August 2023, where licenses for several rooftop bars in Viman Nagar were targeted for revocation due to sound pollution and late-night operations. Establishments such as The Tipsy Horse, The Mafia Sky Lounge, Rude Lounge, Atmosphere 6, and Escada All Day Kitchen & Bar faced potential license cancellations at that time.


Commissioner of Pune Police, Retesh Kumaarr, emphasized the ongoing commitment to addressing issues related to late-night operations and sound pollution. He stated, “We are continuously taking action against clubs and bars operating late at night, with interventions carried out by both local police stations and the Crime Branch.”


DCP (Crime Branch) Amol Zende shed light on the severity of the situation, revealing that there have been a total of 48 noise pollution cases in the last one year. Notably, the police have seized the music systems of establishments found in violation. Elrow and Unicorn, in particular, are highlighted as repetitive offenders in this regard.


As the authorities crack down on establishments impacting the peace and well-being of residents, the focus remains on maintaining order and minimizing disturbances caused by late-night operations and noise pollution. The fate of the licenses for the aforementioned clubs now rests on the decisions of the Excise Department and PMC.