Pune: Political Turmoil in Manchar as Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil Joins NCP, Sets Stage for Showdown in Shirur

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Manchar, 26th March 2024: Today, a significant political development unfolded as senior leader Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil of the Shinde group joined the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), led by Ajit Pawar. Adhalarao Patil played a pivotal role as a mediator during this transition, emphasizing that while he aligns with the NCP, loyalty to Shivbandh will remain within his purview.

The entry of Adhalarao Patil into the NCP has set the stage for a political showdown in Shirur, particularly between him and actor-turned-politician Dr Amol Kolhe. With Adhalarao Patil’s arrival, Ajit Pawar’s apprehensions seem to have subsided, signalling a strategic move ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. However, it’s worth noting that this entry doesn’t signify a departure from his commitment to supporting Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

Adhalarao Patil brings significant political experience, having served as a Member of Parliament from the Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency thrice in the past, representing Shiv Sena. Despite NCP’s previous unsuccessful attempts to defeat him, the 2019 elections saw the emergence of Dr Kolhe as a formidable opponent, backed by Sharad Pawar’s faction within the party. Ajit Pawar’s repeated criticisms of Kolhe underscored tensions within the party.

Speculation arose during Kolhe’s candidacy about a potential electoral face-off with Ajit Pawar. However, Adhalarao Patil’s declaration of joining the NCP and contesting the elections adds a new dimension to the political landscape, prompting anticipation of the unfolding electoral dynamics.