Pune Porsche Case: Vishal Agarwal’s 45 Missed Calls to MLA Sunil Tingre Raise Questions

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Pune, 30th May 2024: Daily, new shocking revelations are emerging about Pune’s Kalyani Nagar Porsche incident, where a minor, allegedly intoxicated, recklessly collided with a two-wheeler, resulting in the tragic loss of two IT youths’ lives on the spot. In this incident, the name of Nationalist Congress Party-NCP (Ajit Pawar) leader and Wadgaon Sheri MLA Sunil Tingre has been involved from the beginning. According to reports, on the day of the incident, MLA Tingre visited Yerawada Police Station. The latest revelation indicates that the minor accused’s father Vishal Agarwal, made 45 missed calls to MLA Tingre on the day of the accident, which occurred on 19th May.

Not only has the connection between the Agarwal family and local MLA Tingre come to light, but it is also alleged that Tingre had ties with Sassoon Hospital’s Dr Ajay Taware, who has been suspended amid accusations of tampering with the blood sample of the minor accused to evade legal consequences, as the altered sample would show no alcohol content.

According to reports, Tingre was present at Yerawada Police Station until 6 AM on the day of the accident. However, he has denied accusations of pressuring policemen and obstructing them from performing their duties. Nevertheless, even his party, NCP (AP), has demanded an explanation regarding his involvement in the incident.

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Media reports suggest that the accused minor’s father made 45 missed calls to MLA Tingre from 2:30 AM to 3:45 AM on the day of the accident, but Tingre, being asleep, did not answer the calls. Tingare is also accused of lobbying for Dr Ajay Taware to be retained at Sassoon Hospital, reaching out to Maharashtra’s Minister of Medical Education, Hasan Mushrif. Dr. Taware, along with two others, is accused of manipulating the minor’s blood sample to conceal any traces of alcohol. He has been suspended alongside Dr. Shrihari Halnor and peon Atul Ghatkamble.