Pune: Power Outage Alert for Viman Nagar, Yerwada Areas Tomorrow Due to Maintenance Work at Kharadi Substation

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Kharadi, 22nd December 2023: The Kharadi 132 KV Extra High Voltage Substation operated by Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company (Mahatransco) is set to undergo essential pre-scheduled maintenance and repairs on Saturday, December 23, 2023. The closure, scheduled from 10 am to 3 pm, aims to address crucial system issues, ensuring the continued smooth power supply to the Nagar Road area.

The affected regions, including Khulewadi, Viman Nagar, Sopannagar, Kolte Patil Phase 1 to 4, Yerwada, Shastrinagar, Lakshminagar, Sanjay Park, Alandi Road, and more, currently receive electricity from Mahatransco’s Kharadi 132 KV High Voltage Substation through five 22 KV power lines.

“To mitigate any potential disruptions during the maintenance window, MSEDCL and Mahatransco have planned alternative arrangements. A load management system, capable of handling 34 megawatts of electricity, will be implemented during the specified period. All five power lines will receive electricity in an alternative form, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply”, a press release from the company stated.

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Despite the meticulous technical planning undertaken by MSEDCL, a precautionary alert has been issued. In the event of a failure in any of the five power lines, an alternative facility may not be readily available, potentially leading to a temporary power outage in the affected area. Consumers will receive prompt notifications via SMS if such a situation arises.

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“MSEDCL and Mahatransco earnestly appeal to electricity consumers in the area for their cooperation during this maintenance period. While every effort has been made to ensure minimal impact on power supply, unforeseen circumstances may arise. The organizations remain committed to transparency and swift communication in case of any developments”, the company added.