Pune: Rs 90 Lakh Air Pollution Control System Awaits Essential Infrastructure at Wagheshwar Temple Cemetery

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Wagholi, 22nd December 2023: The Wagheshwar temple cemetery in Wagholi has witnessed the installation of a state-of-the-art air pollution control system, a project undertaken by the Pune municipal corporation (PMC) at a cost of Rs 90 lakh. Despite the completion of the installation, the system lies dormant in dust, awaiting the completion of essential associated works.

The installed system, designed to control air pollution during cremations, necessitates water, sewerage, and an independent power supply to commence operations. Additionally, a dedicated channel to manage the water discharged from the crematorium is required. The system requires a consistent supply of pure water, estimated at a minimum of two thousand liters per week. To facilitate this, a separate tap must be connected.

However, challenges arise due to the insufficient power supply at the temple. To address this, a separate transformer is essential for the effective functioning of the air pollution control system. The cumulative cost for addressing these three crucial requirements amounts to at least 25 lakh rupees, with each task falling under the responsibility of different departments.

Anand Bhide, the contractor overseeing the project, has submitted a letter to the relevant department, urging swift action to complete the pending tasks. Bhide emphasized that two months have elapsed since the completion of the installation, and officials from the Nagar Road Ward Office have already conducted inspections for the sewage system, indicating progress in that regard.

Explaining the system’s functionality, Bhide outlined that the apparatus captures the smoke emitted during cremation. A water spray then falls on the smoke, effectively washing away soot and gases. The purified smoke is then released through the chimney.

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Expressing concern over the delayed commencement of the system, Rajendra Satav Patil, President of the Wagholi Vikas Parishad, stated, “At the same time that the work of this system started, I had asked the officials and the contractor to take immediate action for sewage system, water, and electricity. But they did not do it at that time. Due to this, the system costing lakhs of rupees is currently lying in dust. If these works are done soon, the system will start. The municipality should act soon.”