Pune: Preliminary RTO Investigation Finds No Technical Fault in Porsche Taycan Involved in Kalyaninagar Crash

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Yerwada 27th May 2024: Preliminary investigations by the regional transport office (RTO) have indicated that the Porsche Taycan involved in the May 19 Kalyaninagar crash, driven by a minor, does not have any technical issues. The Pune RTO is preparing to submit a detailed accident report to the police after a thorough examination of the unregistered vehicle.

The minor’s father, builder Vishal Agarwal who has been arrested in connection with the case, previously claimed that the car had not been properly registered with the Pune RTO due to technical problems, leading to a case filed in the Consumer Forum.

Despite the severe damage to the car from the crash that resulted in the deaths of two computer engineers, initial findings suggest no mechanical or technical faults in the vehicle. “Although the car is heavily damaged, it appears to be mechanically sound,” an RTO official stated. “However, as it is a high-end electric vehicle (EV) from a foreign manufacturer, we have called in a Porsche technical expert to assist with the inspection. Initial checks indicate no technical issues, but further examinations will be conducted with the expert’s assistance.”

Pune regional transport officer Sanjiv Bhor cautioned that it is still too early to draw definitive conclusions. “Given that this is a high-end vehicle, we believe that a Porsche technician’s involvement will ensure a more thorough inspection. We cannot disclose specifics at the moment, but initial checks have been carried out. The final report is expected within two to three days,” Bhor stated.

Following any fatal accident, the RTO inspects the involved vehicles and provides a report to the police. This report includes verification of proper documentation, such as fitness certificates and registration, and assessment of whether the accident was caused by technical faults or other factors, including road conditions. An RTO official elaborated, “We check technical aspects such as brake functionality, presence and condition of airbags, tyre condition, anti-lock braking systems, and whether seatbelts were used by the driver. We also note if the accident occurred at a black spot. All this information is shared with the police to aid their investigation.”