Pune Porsche Accident: Two Senior Doctors Of Sassoon Hospital Arrested For Changing Blood Sample Of Minor Driver

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Reported by Mubarak Ansari & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 27th May 2024: The Crime Branch of Pune Police has arrested Dr. Ajay Tawre, the head of the forensic medicine department, and and Dr. Srihari Halnor, CMO at Sassoon Hospital, late on Sunday night in connection with tampering the blood report of the minor accused in the Kalyaninagar Porsche accident case. This marks the second high-profile arrest involving doctors from Sassoon Hospital, following the recent arrest of a doctor in the Lalit Patil drug smuggling case.

The Kalyaninagar accident case has garnered significant attention due to the involvement of a minor in a fatal accident that resulted in the deaths of IT engineers Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta. The tampering of the minor’s blood report suggests attempts to manipulate evidence, further complicating the case and potentially obstructing justice.

Addressing a press conference, Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated, “Being the casualty medical officer (CMODr. Halnor took a blood sample of the minor driver at Sassoon Hospital a few hours after the accident. He replaced the sample in conspiracy with Dr. Taware, head of the hospital’s forensic medicine department, and then sent it to the forensic science lab (FSL). Minor’s blood sample was thrown in the dustbin.

We took a blood sample of the accused minor for the second time at District Hospital, Aundh, for DNA matching to confirm whether the first sample belonged to the accused or not. We also took a DNA sample of his father. And it proved that the first sample did not belong to the accused. Therefore, the first blood alcohol test came back negative. The second sample was taken 20 hours after the incident. So alcohol was not detected. It was used for DNA test. We have ample evidence so alcohol in blood of the accused does not matter now.”

He further added, “After confronting the doctors, they were arrested early this morning. They will be produced before the court today. We have also gathered technical evidence which proves that the builder was in contact with Dr. Taware. Investigation is on to find out if anybody else also influenced the doctors. We have obtained CCTV footage from the Sassoon Hospital.”

The city police chief further informed that investigation is on whose blood sample was sent to the FSL by the Sassoon Hospital.