Pune: Primary Health Centres Run By BAMS Doctors As MBBS Doctors Not Willing To Work For Meagre Remuneration

Pune District Collector office
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Pune, March 5, 2021: Unwillingness by MBBS students to do practice at various primary health centres (PHCs) in the district located in tribal and remote areas has increased the BAMS doctors at the PHCs.
There are some 99 PHC’s in the district and 209 MBBS doctors positions are approved by the State. However, among 209 only 199 positions are filled up while 10 positions are still vacant. Yet, no doctor is available at the tribal or remote area PHCs as all the posts available in the urban area got filled up.
According to a rule by the government, all the PHC’s should have an MBBS doctor. But Pune Zilla Parishad had to appoint BAMS doctors owing to an unwillingness by MBBS doctors to practice in villages.
Areas like Junnar, Khed, Ambegaon, Velha, Maval, Mulshi which are remote do not get many MBBS doctors.
According to District Health Officer Dr Bhagwan Pawar, the remuneration given by the State is meagre and thus MBBS doctors refuse to take up the responsibility.
However, MBBS doctors have their own grievances. “The government is playing with the health of the people. The BAMS doctors prescribe allopathy medicines without doing proper studies. Also, the government does not provide accommodation at the PHCs though it is promised that accommodation will be provided. Once I was posted at a remote PHC and had stayed in a hospital sweeper’s house as there was no quarter there”, said a doctor.
Another MBBS added, “The facilities provided at the PHCs are also minimum and we have to bear the brunt of patients’ ire. Had it not been compulsory bond service, nobody would like to serve in a government set up. You provide the facilities and we will serve in the remotest places also.”
District PHC’s: 99
Total positions: 209
Filled positions: 199
Vacant positions: 10
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