Pune: Problems Of Railway Gate Leading To Migration Of Companies, Youth Employment In Danger

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Pune, 2nd September 2022: Many companies have started migrating from Takwe Budruk due to the inconvenience in Takwe Budruk industrial estate in Maval taluka and the problem of Kanhe railway gate. As the companies are moving out, the employment of the local youth in this area is in jeopardy. If this pattern continues, a financial crisis may occur again in rural areas.

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For this, the citizens of this area are expressing the opinion that the public representatives must emphasize providing physical facilities to the said industrial estate and companies at the government level.


25 years ago, many companies came to Takwe Budruk, after which many youths from Andar Maval, Nane Maval, and Pawan Maval received employment. Seven to eight years ago, three big companies decided to migrate, after the individuals acquired permanent jobs. As a result, around 9,000-10,000 youngsters lost their jobs.

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In the meantime, unions were formed in the companies. As a result, sparks of a conflict began burning between the company and the workers. During this period, workers brought many political leaders to intervene in the matter and prevent the companies from migrating. But the promises made remained mere promises.




Many small entrepreneurs and workshops based on these companies closed down, and political leaders could not stop these companies from migrating, due to which many families lost their jobs.




Many youths from Maval had to relocate their families and take refuge in urban areas like Pune and Mumbai. These youngsters accepted any work they could in the urban areas.




The Fundamental Problems:


1) As there is no railway overbridge at Kanhe, the transport of companies and the workers coming to the companies are delayed due to the railway crossing. Due to this, the companies based in the industrial estate were not getting the production goods on time, incurring huge losses due to the debts to the companies supplying these related goods.




2) Railway overbridges have been inaugurated several times over the past few years, but the problem remains.




3) The bridge over the Indrayani River at Takwe Budruk is dangerous, and heavy vehicles are banned.




4) Efforts by locals to get contracts by forcing the company management have been unsuccessful.




5) Collection of donations from company management after festivals, anniversaries, and celebrations from various circles.




Required Facilities For Companies In Industrial Estate:


1) Companies require water supply.


2) The light must be smooth in the place where the light is always on.


3) Internal roads leading from the main road to the companies should be well-maintained.


4) There should be street lights on both sides of the road from the roads to the company.


5) It is necessary to have CCTV on the internal roads of the companies.


6) For the safety of the workers in the company, there must be a police post in this area.


7) Requirement of fire fighting systems.




A one-day symbolic fast was observed here on behalf of the Seva Foundation and the people of Andar Mawla. After that, the bridge over the Indrayani river at Takwe was approved, and the work is progressing. But even though the railway overbridge at Kanhe Phata was permitted, the work has not begun here. Therefore, the railway crossing problem at Kanhe Phata remains the same.