Pune: PMC Spends Rs 1.41 Crore For Mobile Ganesh Immersion Tanks

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Pune, 2nd September 2022: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has floated a tender for a mobile immersion tank as the Ganeshotsav is being celebrated free of Corona restrictions. Now, this tender has come at a rate five percent higher than the rate decided by the Municipal Corporation. The Municipality will spend Rs 1.41 crore for five days of rotating Ganesh immersion tanks. The insistence is merely for the convenience of the contractors and officials, rather than the benefit of the citizens.

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Due to Corona, the Municipal Corporation had issued a tender for a two-year rotating immersion tank. Each field office, including the solid waste department, floated tenders. From the first day to Anant Chaturdashi, there is a moving fountain in the city. But the contractor stopped this moving tank on the spot. It was not available for the devotees who immerse Bappa after one and a half days and three days. But the municipal officials claimed that the cars were plying in all areas. In reality, these cars were found to be on the spot. Last year, this tender was controversial.


This year, Ganeshotsav is being celebrated with enthusiasm as there are no corona restrictions. For many years, the Municipal Corporation has been arranging cisterns and tanks on the banks of the river. In other areas also, iron tanks are provided for disposal. Still, the municipal administration floated a tender for 150 revolving wells worth Rs 1.35 crore this year. Criticism was made as to why there is a rotating immersion well when there are no restrictions. The administrators accepted the tender on Tuesday after the beginning of Ganeshotsav in Pune. In this, the tender of Siddhi Advertising, a contractor company, with an increased rate of 4.99 percent, was accepted for 1.41 crore.

Although the Municipal Corporation accepts the tender, these rotating wells will be available from the fifth day. The municipality will pay as much as Rs 94,000 each for 150 rotating wells for five days. So the rent for one day will be Rs 18,800.

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Asha Raut, Deputy Commissioner of the Solid Waste Management Department, said, “The tender for 150 rotating cisterns has been accepted today, and the rate has been increased by 4.99 percent. GPS tracking of moving immersion wells will be done in the city. Also, the divisional health inspectors of each field office will have control over this vehicle. Besides, five junior engineers and two executive engineers of the Solid Waste Management Department will also monitor this.”


Ganesh idols have been immersed in the immersion tank on the river ghat for many years. These wells are present in many places. But this year, these wells were not made available for immersion. If immersions begin on the banks of the river, the amount of discharge will also increase in the river, which will cause pollution to the river. The administration has claimed that instead of riverside wells, they have provided facilities for immersion in iron tanks at various places in the city.