Pune: Pune’s Ola And Uber Taxi Rates To Be Set By Regional Transport Authority

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Pune, 4th November 2023: The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) in Pune is set to take control of determining the fare rates for Ola and Uber taxis in the city. The decision comes after a series of complaints from Ola and Uber drivers regarding the low fares offered by their respective companies. The Indian Gig Workers Front, led by Dr. Keshav Kshirsagar, President of the organization, received these complaints and organized a one-day strike of gig workers in Pune as a response.

In response to the strike and the concerns raised, a meeting was convened in the collector’s office, where various stakeholders gathered to address the situation. Present at the meeting were Resident Deputy Collector Jyoti Kadam, Pune Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Sanjeev Bhor, Assistant Labor Commissioner Datta Pawar, and Dr Kshirsagar, along with representatives of trade unions such as Varsha Shinde, Mauli Nalavade, Vinod Ghuge, Ajay Mundhe, and Fayyaz Momin.

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The new arrangement will see the Pune RTA studying the fare rates set by the Mumbai RTA for air-conditioned taxis and then submitting a report for approval to the President. Once approved, Ola and Uber companies will be required to adhere to the fare rates decided by the RTA in Pune.

Additionally, the RTO in Pune will be vigilant for any signs of discrimination in fare rates between the Everest fleet, other private vendors, and general cabs or rickshaw pullers. If such discrimination is detected, appropriate action will be taken to rectify the situation.

Furthermore, private cars with white number plates operating on ride-hailing apps have been given a two-week deadline to cease their services through these apps. This move aims to regulate the operations of private cars in the ride-hailing sector.