Pune: Rahatani Woman Consumes Acid in Bathroom, Succumbs to In-Laws’ Harassment

Wakad police station
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Rahatani, 18th April 2024: In a shocking incident that occurred on 8th April 2024 at Sanyog Colony in Rahatni, a married woman succumbed to the relentless pressure from her in-laws who demanded a dowry of 8 to 10 lakhs along with a car. Faced with continuous harassment, she took her own life by consuming acid in the bathroom.

Anandkumar Ramsurat Patel from Malegaon, Nashik, aged 26, took a stand against this injustice by filing a complaint at the Wakad Police Station on Wednesday (17th April). The complaint was lodged against the woman’s husband, Rahul Munna Patel (27 years old), and his brother, Rohitkumar Munna Patel (25 years old).

The police investigation revealed that the accused had been subjecting the victim to torment since December 2023, pressuring her for a dowry and a car. They also resorted to verbal abuse, physical violence, and mental torture, casting aspersions on her character. Overwhelmed by the relentless abuse, the woman resorted to the extreme step of ending her life.

Wakad Police are investigating this matter further.