Pune: Railway platform ticket priced at Rs 50; railways say it’s temporary

Platform ticket Pune railway station
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Pune, August 18, 2020: A message reading Pune railway division has increased the price of the platform ticket from Rs 10 to 50 has been widely circulating on social media, making a buzz among railway passengers. However, the railway administration has clarified that the fare hike is temporary to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Pune railway division spokesperson Manoj Jhawar said, “A message on some social media platform is spreading confusing news that the platform ticket rate charged by IRSDC at Pune station is increased to Rs 50. The railway administration wants to clarify that to effectively control the COVID-19, the passengers with confirmed tickets are being given entry at the station by the railway administration to reduce the crowd at Pune station; and to control the extra unnecessary crowd to pick up and drop passengers on the platform, the platform ticket has been restricted.”

However, railway administration is giving platform ticket to only those who are dropping or picking up needy people like senior citizens, sick, pregnant women and specially-abled citizens.

“Platform tickets are being issued to the next of kin of passengers with special needs. Because of the special circumstances, the railway administration has been deciding from time to time whether or not to increase the rate of the platform ticket. The increased price (Rs 50) is temporary and will be reviewed given the spread of COVID-19 infection in the coming time,” said Jhawar.