Pune Records Steady Increase in Maximum Temperatures

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Pune, 16th May 2024: As pre-monsoon rains have ceased in Pune and its surroundings, the sun’s intensity surges once more. Over the past three days, the city has experienced a steady climb in maximum temperatures, peaking at 37.5 degrees Celsius. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasts a return to 40-degree weather as skies clear over the next three days.

Following heavy rainfall on Saturday (11th May) and Sunday (12th May), the city’s scorching temperatures, which had surpassed 40 degrees, plummeted to 31 degrees Celsius.

While Pune residents found respite from the sweltering heat in recent days, today marks a resurgence in temperatures, with readings returning to the norm. Shivajinagar recorded a maximum of 37.5 degrees Celsius, while Lohegaon saw temperatures reach 36.8 degrees Celsius.

Skies are expected to remain predominantly clear until today’s noon (16th), followed by increasing cloud cover. The IMD anticipates the possibility of light rain accompanied by thunder.

Clear skies will prevail for the next two days, intensifying the heat. Maximum temperatures in Pune are projected to reach 39 degrees Celsius on Friday (17th May) and Saturday (18th May), climbing to 40 degrees Celsius by Sunday (19th).

Summary of temperature fluctuations:

– 11th May – 37.8 degrees Celsius
– 12th May – 31.4 degrees Celsius
– 13th May – 36.3 degrees Celsius
– 14th May – 37.1 degrees Celsius
– 15th May – 37.5 degrees Celsius