Pune: Renowned Astro-Numerologist Swetta Jumaani Celebrates Two Decades of Dedicated Service

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Pune, 21st June 2023: Celebrating a milestone in her illustrious career, esteemed Astro-Numerologist Swetta Jumaani has completed two decades of devoted service. With a deep admiration for her father, the late eminent numerologist Bansilal M Jumaani, Swetta immersed herself in the study of numerology, guided by his expertise. Initially practicing numerology as a hobby, she eventually settled in Pune, the city known for its numerological significance, and embraced the family
tradition professionally.

Reflecting on her journey, Swetta highlighted the transformation of Pune’s perception of astronumerology over the past two decades. She explained, “When I established myself here, Pune was relatively unfamiliar with astronumerology. However, today, the acceptance and faith in this science have grown exponentially.”

She noted that the average Punekar seeks her advice on various matters, including job-related issues, property, health, marriage, relationships, and more. Interestingly, the number of inquiries related to the stock market has increased since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her consultations, Swetta Jumani collects personal information such as names, dates of birth, and ages from her clients. “An individual’s destiny is determined by the value of letters in their name. Letters 1, 3, 5, and 6 are considered lucky,” she explained. As an astro-numerologist, she also suggests colors, dates, and precious stones to enhance positive vibrations for individuals. Swetta has received positive feedback from a diverse clientele, including individuals from various walks of life, ranging from youths seeking career changes to super senior citizens. Her appeal transcends age boundaries, catering to individuals across the spectrum.

Swetta Jumaani’s dedication and expertise in the field of numerology have contributed to her thriving practice over the past two decades. With her insightful guidance and profound understanding of astronumerology, she continues to impact the lives of countless individuals, helping them unlock their potential and navigate their paths with confidence.