Pune: Residents In Balewadi Demand Action on Burning Waste and Health Hazards

garbage burning in Balewadi
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Balewadi, 8th April 2023: Residents of the Golden Trellis Cooperative Housing Society in Pune have expressed their concern about the burning of dry waste on an adjacent plot of land owned by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), which is designated as an amenity space.

The residents reported experiencing various health problems such as eye-burning sensation, shortness of breath, headache, blurred vision, and uneasiness due to the toxic smoke released from the burning waste, including plastic and other hazardous materials.

S. V. Sardesai, a resident of the society, requested the authorities to take immediate action to extinguish the fire and stop the dumping of waste on the plot. Numerous residents have also voiced their concerns about the ongoing burning of waste and its harmful effects on both the health of those living in the area and the environment.

Despite several complaints by residents, Shishir Taral said that the PMC authorities claimed that they were not responsible for the dumping and burning of waste on the plot. In a recent incident of waste burning, a large fire was caused, and the smoke lingered in the area for almost 35 hours, affecting the health of children and residents and damaging the trees in the amenity space.

Yeole pointed out that it was unclear who was responsible for dumping the waste, but it was evident that a significant amount had accumulated on the plot and was being burned. This toxic smoke was not only harmful to the health of the residents but also damaging to the environment.

Residents of the Golden Trellis Cooperative Housing Society (CHS) in Balewadi have called on the authorities to take prompt measures to cease the dumping and burning of waste on the PMC plot. They have also requested the closure of the main gate of the amenity space to prevent any further waste dumping and burning. The residents have warned that in the absence of swift action, they may resort to legal proceedings and seek compensation for the health hazards faced by individuals residing in the vicinity.

Sandeep Khalate, ward officer of the Aundh Baner ward office, stated that they have not received any complaints about this issue, and on behalf of PMC, no dry waste is being dumped on the ground. However, they will take action if any such activity is found.

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