Pune Residents Lose Lakhs in Cyber Fraud Spree: 11 Cases Registered in a Single Day

Cyber Fraud
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Pune, 10th April 2024: In a troubling trend, residents of Pune are increasingly becoming victims of cyber fraud, with cases ranging from bogus electricity bill payments to enticing stock market schemes. On April 9 alone, the city reported 11 cases of fraud, shedding light on the vulnerability of citizens to online scams promising financial gains.

In one incident reported from Rambagh Colony in Kothrud, an 82-year-old man fell victim to a cyber thief posing as a bank representative. The fraudster, claiming to assist with paying the overdue MNGL gas bill, instructed the elderly gentleman to download a quick transfer app. Succumbing to the ruse, the victim ended up losing a staggering amount of Rs. 7,67,000 after divulging his credit card and password information.

Similarly, in Guru Ganesh Nagar, Kothrud, a woman received a deceptive WhatsApp message offering lucrative returns for liking a video on YouTube. Enticed by the promise of easy money, she ended up transferring Rs. 2,90,000 to the fraudster’s bank account after being coerced into completing online tasks.

In another case on Sinhagad Road, a 59-year-old man was duped into paying Rs. 11 lakh towards his overdue electricity bill. The perpetrator, masquerading as an MSEB official, obtained the victim’s debit card information under the pretext of settling the bill, only to drain his bank account with unauthorized transactions.

These incidents reflect a growing trend of cyber criminals exploiting unsuspecting individuals through various online ploys, ranging from social media scams to false promises of financial gains in the stock market.

In response to the surge in cyber fraud cases, authorities have urged residents to exercise caution and adhere to preventive measures. Citizens are advised not to click on links in messages purportedly from utility providers like MSEB and MNGL, and to make bill payments only through official websites. Furthermore, vigilance is emphasized in sharing sensitive information such as credit card details, passwords, and OTPs, and individuals are encouraged to report instances of fraud to cyber authorities or local police stations promptly.

To address concerns and provide assistance, helpline numbers have been made available, including the Cyber Police Station at 7058719371, and the general helpline number 1930.

As cyber crimes continue to pose a threat to the digital security of citizens, it remains imperative for individuals to remain vigilant and adopt proactive measures to safeguard themselves against fraudulent activities perpetrated by online scammers.