Pune Residents Spent Rs 141 Crore For COVID Vaccines In Private Hospitals

COVID Vaccine
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Pune, 26th October 2021: As a safety precaution against Coronavirus disease (COVID19) infection, the vaccination drive is being conducted in the country since 16 January 2021.

To date, a total of 50 lakh vaccine doses have been given to people in Pune. Nearly 35 per cent of people got paid vaccination and spent around Rs 141 crore on vaccines.

The vaccination drive began in January and initially, only people above 65 years old and health workers were allowed to take the vaccine which was provided free of cost.

From May 21, citizens were allowed to take paid vaccines from private hospitals. This helped to boost the speed of vaccination in Pune city. Many corporate companies, offices, societies tied up with the hospitals and implemented vaccination for their employees and residents.

Many citizens opted to take the paid vaccine. Currently, Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik vaccines are available in private hospitals and the rate of these vaccines varies from each other.

According to the information given by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), till October 22, PMC has given 32.83 lakh doses free of cost. The remaining 17.36 lakh people have received paid vaccinations from private hospitals.

Vaccine- Doses Р Cost

Covishield – 16,27,170 – Rs 126.9 crore

Covaxin – 69,296- Rs 9.7 crore

Sputnik – 39,959 – Rs 4.5 crore

Total vaccinations – 17,36,425 – Rs 141.2 crore