Pune Residents To Benefit From 25 Weekly Markets Offering Pesticide-Free Produce Under Urban Food Pilot Project

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Pune, 21st May 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken a significant step towards promoting sustainable agriculture and providing affordable, pesticide-free produce to its residents with the launch of the Urban Food Pilot project under the Balasaheb Thackeray Agribusiness and Rural Transformation (SMART) Project.


This initiative aims to establish weekly markets across various locations in Pune, offering fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices, benefiting both consumers and farmers.


The project will set up designated markets at several identified locations in Pune, including Baner Ota Market in Baner, Suncity Ota Market in Vadgaon, Ambegaon Bk Ota Market, Kharadi Ota Market, Punyanagari Ota Market in Vadgaon Sheri, Kurunjai Ota Market in Kalas, and Dhanori Ota Market in Dhanori. These markets will serve as platforms for agricultural production companies and Community-Based Organizations to showcase their products and engage with the community.


Ashit Jadhav, executive engineer of the Anti encroachment and illegal construction eradication department at PMC, expressed enthusiasm about the project and highlighted its multiple benefits. “This move will help citizens access clean, fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables at reasonable rates while providing farmers with proper outlets to sell their produce,” Jadhav stated. The PMC encourages residents to support these designated markets rather than purchasing from unregulated sources encroaching on public spaces.


The Urban Food Pilot project is aligned with the larger objectives of the SMART Project, which seeks to transform the agricultural landscape of Maharashtra and uplift rural communities’ economic well-being. By promoting sustainable and healthy eating habits, the PMC aims to contribute to the overall well-being of its citizens while supporting local farmers.


As the project takes off, Pune residents can look forward to improved access to high-quality produce. These markets will not only ensure the availability of fresh and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all. The initiative will provide an opportunity for consumers to directly support local farmers and contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector in the region.


The PMC encourages residents to embrace the Urban Food Pilot project and make these designated markets their go-to source for fresh produce. Through collective efforts, the project aims to foster a thriving ecosystem that benefits farmers, consumers, and the overall community, promoting a sustainable and prosperous future for Pune.