Pune: Riverside Residents Should Be Alert – PCMC Commissioner

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Pimpri, 17th September 2022: Due to continuous rains, the water level of the dam area is increasing and water is being discharged into the river. PCMC Administrator and Commissioner Shekhar Singh has appealed to the citizens living in the riverside area to be vigilant given the increase in the water level in the river.


At present, it is raining heavily. The water level of the river is increasing. Water is also being released from the dam. Therefore, the citizens of the river banks should take care of their belongings and animals.


“Considering the possible danger, no one should enter the river bed. The municipality has deployed necessary emergency systems. There is a possibility of water entering the houses. In case of a flood situation, a separate team has been appointed under the control of the regional authorities to evacuate the riverside citizens to safe places. A central flood control room is functioning in the main administrative building of the municipality,” said the commissioner.