Pune: Rs 200 Crore Allocated for Katraj-Kondhwa Road Widening

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Katraj, 10th February 2024: The much-awaited allocation of Rs 200 crore by the Maharashtra State Government for the widening of the Katraj-Kondhwa road has been officially sanctioned. This decision, which had been under discussion since last year, was confirmed during the latest cabinet meeting.

The funds are earmarked specifically for the acquisition of land necessary for the expansion of the Katraj-Kondhwa road. Following the approval, the next step involves the issuance of a government order, after which the allocated amount will be transferred to the bank account of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). This injection of funds is anticipated to expedite the stalled land acquisition process, thereby facilitating progress on the road-widening project.

Initiated by the PMC in 2018, the widening project faced setbacks due to insufficient financial resources, particularly requiring Rs 710 crore for land acquisition to accommodate an 84-meter wide road. However, in light of funding constraints, a decision was made last year to reduce the road width to 50 meters, with the state government committing Rs 200 crore towards land acquisition.

Despite previous announcements, the actual acquisition process had not commenced, leading to concerns among residents affected by the project’s delay. This prompted interventions from various stakeholders, including former Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil and current Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar, who inspected the project site and advocated for its advancement.

During his inspection, Ajit Pawar assured that the proposal for Rs 200 crore allocation would be approved in the cabinet meeting, a commitment that has now been fulfilled. PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar confirmed the approval, emphasizing that the allocated funds will catalyze the land acquisition process, thereby accelerating progress on the Katraj-Kondhwa road widening project.