Pune: Newly Launched Afternoon Shivajinagar-Lonavala Local Service To Run 6 Days a Week

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Pune, 9th February 2024: The Shivajinagar-Lonavala local service has been initiated during afternoon hours, marking a significant addition to the local train schedule. This service, inaugurated on January 31 by Minister of State in the Ministry of Railways Raosaheb Danve, will now operate on six days a week, excluding Sundays, as announced by the Railways.

The Shivajinagar-Lonavala route will witness two local trains running in the afternoon, catering to the convenience of commuters. Departing from Shivajinagar at 12:05 pm, the train is scheduled to arrive at Lonavala at 1:20 pm, while the return journey from Lonavala to Shivajinagar commences at 11:30 am, arriving at 12:45 pm. This additional service addresses the needs of passengers, particularly students, who previously faced inconvenience due to the lack of afternoon trains on this route.

The Pune Division of Central Railway has noted that the Pune-Lonavala route typically accommodates 40 local trains daily, serving approximately 60,000 passengers each day. However, the absence of midday services between 11:15 am to 3 pm for Pune-Lonavla and 10 am to 2:50 pm for Lonavala-Pune posed challenges for commuters, especially students, who had to either wait for extended periods at stations or explore alternative transportation options.

To mitigate these challenges and enhance passenger convenience, the introduction of afternoon local trains represents a proactive step by the railway authorities. Notably, the Lonavala local service will not operate on Sundays, with the Shivajinagar-Lonavala route adhering to a revised schedule aimed at optimizing service frequency and meeting commuter demands effectively.