Pune: Ruby Hall Clinic Investigation Continues; Even After 3 Months, No Action Has Taken Against Accused In Kidney Racket 

Kidney Case Ruby Hall Pune
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Pune, 19th August 2022: Five cases of fake kidney transplants came to light in Ruby Hospital. After that, the investigation of this hospital was going on. This matter was also discussed in the monsoon session. An uproar erupted in the House between Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar.

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The police investigation has revealed that Inamdar Hospital, Pune and Jupiter Hospital Thane are involved in the Pune Ruby Hall Clinic kidney transplant case. Fadnavis has made it clear that appropriate action will be taken regarding all these cases and action will also be taken regarding their license.


This case came to light in May. After that, even after three months, no action has been taken, so the opponents have raised a question mark on this. Fadnavis has said that the final report will be given in a month and action will be taken against those who have delayed in taking action.


Fadnavis said, “If a hospital is involved in all these cases, their license will be revoked, but if a doctor is involved, those doctors will be investigated and action will be taken against them. So far all the preliminary information is out.”


He has also warned that once all the investigations are done, appropriate action will be taken and a criminal case will be filed against those who are involved in this case.



So far, 15 people have been booked in this case. In the case of kidney smuggling in Pune, a case was registered against the head of Ruby Hall Clinic, Parvez Grant, and six doctors of the hospital. As the woman whose kidney was removed was also found to be involved in this by creating fake documents, the police also registered a case against her.