Pune: Sahyadri Hospitals Introduces Cutting-edge Hand Surgery Department

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Pune, 23rd August 2023: Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, has unveiled its state-of-the-art Advanced Hand Surgery Department, dedicated to providing specialized care for hand, wrist, and upper extremity conditions. This groundbreaking facility aims to bring relief to adults and patients grappling with various hand ailments through a collaborative approach.

Employing cutting-edge imaging and surgical techniques, the department’s minimally invasive procedures promise enhanced patient outcomes. Services encompass emergency treatment, joint reconstruction, intricate procedures such as small joint arthroscopy and bone transplantation, as well as reconstructive surgery for birth defects and nerve repairs.

The department further extends its expertise with tailored hand therapy conducted by occupational therapists and physical therapists. These therapies focus on averting injuries, restoring function, and facilitating daily life activities. The comprehensive rehabilitation services include postoperative care, pain management, sensory re-education, exercise regimens, and the crafting of custom splints.

Dr. Abhijeet Wahegaonkar, Senior Consultant and Head of the Advanced Hand Surgery Department at Sahyadri Hospitals, expressed enthusiasm about their mission to deliver evidence-based, quality care. Dr. Sunil Rao, Chief Operating Officer of Sahyadri Hospitals, underscored the institution’s commitment to healthcare excellence through advanced technology and a holistic approach.

Located across Deccan Gymkhana, Nagar Road, and Hadapsar branches, the Center for Advanced Hand Surgery will also engage in support group sessions, awareness initiatives, and collaborative endeavors to enhance patient outcomes.

Additionally, Sahyadri Hospital has initiated two campaigns, “Save the Working Hand” and “Hand in Hand – Save the Growing Hand,” aligning with the launch of the department. The former emphasizes workplace safety and comprehensive care for adult hand injuries, while the latter addresses pediatric hand anomalies and obstetric brachial plexus palsy. These campaigns highlight the hospital’s commitment to healthcare excellence and the cultivation of a hand health-focused culture.