Pune: SARATHI’s Incubation Scheme Aims to Empower Maratha, Kunbi Entrepreneurs in Maharashtra

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Shivajinagar, 12th January 2024: In a significant step towards fostering entrepreneurship, the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Institute of Research, Training, and Human Development (SARATHI) has inaugurated its Entrepreneurship Development Center. The Sarsenapati Santaji Ghorpade Sarathi Entrepreneurship Development (Incubation) Scheme, a collaborative initiative with the Bhau Incubation Institute at COEP University of Technology, is now in full swing.

Ajit Nimbalkar, Chairman of Sarathi, along with Ashok Kakade, Managing Director, and Mandar Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Bhau Incubation, graced the inauguration ceremony with their presence.

Expressing optimism, Nimbalkar, the President of Sarathi, stated, “This marks the initiation of a promising venture, and our aim is to extend its reach across the entire state of Maharashtra. We encourage students within the target demographic to make the most of this opportunity.”

The event saw the attendance of key figures, including Deputy Managing Director of Sarathi Pune Divisional Office Anil Pawar, Senior Project Director Biradar, Research Officer Amar Patil, Research Navnath Chavan, Computer Consultant Kishore Dhokre, and AGM of Bhau Incubators Center Girish Degavkar, among others. As part of the initiative, eight selected beneficiaries presented their startup ideas during the event.
The scheme is specifically designed for newcomers from Maratha, Kunbi, Maratha-Kunbi, and Kunbi-Maratha groups in the state.

Candidates with innovative business ideas are invited to apply. The program will select 10 beneficiaries who demonstrate the potential to finalize and establish new businesses.Selected entrepreneurs will receive financial assistance of Rs. 25 thousand per month for one year.

Sarathi Sanstha will send chosen entrepreneurs to Bhau Incubators Center for a year of mentoring. The center offers various amenities, including office space, IT infrastructure, administrative support software, a meeting hall, and expert guidance.

This collaborative effort between SARATHI and COEP University aims to nurture and support aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, contributing to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Maharashtra.