From Homemaker to Co-author: Sonal Desai’s Breathwork Journey Culminates in Wealth Secrets Book

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Pune, 12th January 2024: Yesterday witnessed the unveiling of ‘Ultimate Secrets to Wealth,’ a collaborative effort between Pune’s holistic wellness coach and breathwork facilitator, Sonal Desai, and esteemed Canadian-American author and coach, Brian Tracy. The occasion marked more than just a book launch; it was a celebration of Sonal’s remarkable journey from homemaker to holistic wellness guru, showcasing the profound impact of holistic practices on the mind-body connection.

Sonal embarked on her transformative journey in 2015 with yoga teacher training at the Param Yoga Institute in Pune. The pursuit of knowledge led her to delve into Tibetan breathwork and meditation at the Kaivalaya Yoga Institute in 2017. In 2020, she enrolled in the ‘HOLOBODY’ program at Mindvalley University, Estonia, and in 2021, she achieved certification as a Silva Method Six Phase Meditation Facilitator. Driven by a commitment to personal growth, Sonal underwent life coach training in the “Train the Trainer” program by Dr. Sneh Desai in 2022.

The pinnacle of Sonal’s achievements arrived in 2023 with the co-authorship of a book alongside the renowned Brian Tracy. The book explores the secrets of wealth by merging holistic wellness practices with practical insights into personal development. Sonal’s approach, grounded in breathwork, lifestyle resets, and mindset transformations, has already yielded success stories from clients globally.

The grand event, attended by distinguished guests, showcased Sonal’s influential role in the wellness industry. Notable figures such as Dr. Shashank Shah, a renowned Indian laparoscopic bariatric surgeon, and his wife Dr. Poonam Shah were present. Chakor Gandhi, a life coach, motivational speaker, and successful businessman from Pune, added his insights to the occasion.

The hosts for the evening, including Pankaj Desai, an entrepreneur, Sneha Desai, a well-known travel influencer, Tanvi Desai, a jewelry designer and professor, and Virag Desai, a celebrity cinematographer, orchestrated a seamless and memorable book launch.

Sonal’s expertise in breathwork and holistic wellness has not only transformed her life but has also touched the lives of numerous individuals globally. Her dedication to personal growth, coupled with an impressive array of certifications and training, solidifies her position as a beacon of inspiration in the wellness community.

As “Ultimate Secrets to Wealth” finds its way into the hands of eager readers, Sonal remains committed to guiding individuals towards a life of abundance, balance, and holistic well-being.