Pune: Sassoon Hospital Faces Leadership Turmoil: Fifth Medical Superintendent Appointed in a Year

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Pune, 21st April 2024: Sassoon General Hospital finds itself once again in the process of appointing its fifth medical superintendent within a year, as Dr Ajay Taware has been swiftly removed from his position. In a remarkable turn of events, Dr Yallappa Jadhav, who was previously relieved of the same role about a year ago, has been reinstated as the superintendent. Notably, this decision has been made directly by the Medical Commissioner, bypassing regular channels, owing to past malpractices within Sassoon.


Last May, Dr Yallappa Jadhav assumed the position of Medical Superintendent at Sassoon Hospital, only to be replaced by Dr Sunil Bhamare three months later in August. Dr. Kiran Kumar Jadhav took over from Dr. Bhamare in September. These appointments were all sanctioned by then-Dean Dr Sanjeev Thakur. However, following Dr. Thakur’s removal in the Lalit Patil case, Dr. Vinayak Kale was appointed as Dean.


Dr. Kale replaced Dr. Kiran Kumar Jadhav with Dr. Ajay Taware within a month of assuming office in November. Now, in a move reflecting the gravity of the situation at Sassoon Hospital, Medical Commissioner Dr. Rajiv Nivatkar has directly intervened to reinstate Dr. Yallapa Jadhav.


This direct appointment underscores the seriousness with which senior authorities are addressing the issues at Sassoon Hospital. Several inquiries are currently underway, and the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) has recommended action against several senior officials of the state government. Many senior officials at Sassoon are facing imminent scrutiny and potential consequences.


Dr. Yalappa Jadhav, upon assuming his role as the newly appointed superintendent, has pledged to prioritize the improvement of hospital administration and enhance patient care services. This change in leadership marks yet another chapter in the turbulent saga of Sassoon Hospital’s superintendence, as reflected in the recent succession of appointments:


May to August 2023 – Dr Yalappa Jadhav

August to September 2023 – Dr. Sunil Bhamare

September to December 2023 – Dr Kiran Kumar Jadhav

December 2023 to April 2024 – Dr. Ajay Taware

April 2024 – Dr Yallappa Jadhav