Pune: Sassoon Hospital Strains Under Growing Patient Load Due To Lack Of Facilities At Municipal And Government Hospitals

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Pune, 15th August 2023: Sassoon General Hospital, known for its critical care services, is grappling with an escalating influx of patients seeking treatment for minor ailments.

While traditionally catering to critical cases, the hospital now faces mounting pressure as patients flock to its doors for non-life-threatening conditions. With an average of 3000 patients crowding the outpatient department daily, the need for improved facilities to address minor illnesses in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and district hospitals is acutely evident.

The situation underscores the widening gap in the availability of medical services for minor ailments within Pune and surrounding areas. This shortfall in local health facilities has spurred a surge in patients, predominantly from Pune city and district, seeking care at Sassoon Hospital. Consequently, the stress on Sassoon Hospital’s resources has surged, necessitating a reevaluation of the hospital’s service focus.

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Sassoon Hospital, boasting a capacity of 1296 beds, currently admits around 1189 patients. The daily intake averages 186 admissions, counterbalanced by 167 discharges. The hospital undertakes a substantial workload, conducting 43 major and 105 minor surgeries daily. Its intensive care unit (ICU) maintains full occupancy, hosting 102 patients at present. Grimly, an average of 18 daily fatalities were recorded in the past year, with a distressing spike of 21 deaths on August 12th.

Dr. Sunil Bhamre, the Superintendent of Sassoon Hospital, highlights the crucial role played by the hospital as the sole tertiary care facility in Western Maharashtra catering to critical ailments. While specializing in critical care, Sassoon Hospital has shouldered the responsibility of treating minor ailments as well. The dual mandate, coupled with the lack of viable alternatives, contributes to the mounting strain on the hospital’s resources.

Dr. Sanjeev Thakur, the Dean of Sassoon General Hospital, asserts that the hospital’s workforce is adequately staffed, with vacancies filled through contractual appointments. Despite these challenges, the hospital remains committed to providing comprehensive medical services, bridging the gap between critical and minor care, and striving to fulfill its integral role within the healthcare landscape.

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