Pune: Tourist Dies At Rajgad Fort As He Falls In Water Tank

Pune: Mysterious Death Of Newly Selected Range Forest Officer At Rajgad Fort, Investigation Underway
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Pune, 15th August 2023: In the early hours of today, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded at Fort Rajgad (Velhe), as a 33-year-old tourist, identified as Ajay Mohanan Kallampara from Bhiwandi, Thane, met an untimely demise. The unfortunate mishap occurred when the tourist accidentally fell into the Padmavati water tank on the historic fort.

Kallampara, a resident of Thane and an employee at Tata Consumer Product Limited Company, was part of a group of four tourists from the same area who embarked on a journey to Rajgad. During their nocturnal exploration, tragedy struck when one of the tourists ventured to fetch water from a nearby tank.

Unfortunately, he slipped and fell into the water, prompting a frantic search by his companions. Regrettably, their efforts proved futile in the darkness of the night. Tragically, the lifeless body of the tourist was found within the water tank the following morning.