Pune: Shastrinagar Flyover and Grade Separator Project On Ahmednagar Road In Yerwada Gets Green Signal

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Sumit Singh

Yerwada, 3rd May 2024: In a significant development, MLA Sunil Tingre announced today that the way for the construction of a flyover and grade separator at Shastrinagar Chowk has been cleared, marking a pivotal step forward in alleviating traffic congestion on Pune-Ahmednagar Road.


The issue of traffic congestion along Nagar Road, particularly between Yerwada and Wagholi, has been a pressing concern for commuters. To address this issue, funds were allocated in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) budget for the construction of flyovers and grade separators at Shastrinagar and Kharadi Bypass, following advocacy by MLA Sunil Tingre.


Speaking on the matter, MLA Sunil Tingre emphasized the importance of infrastructure development to mitigate traffic congestion and improve commuting experiences for residents. He stated, “The problem of the flyover in Kharadi was resolved by rerouting the double-decker flyover on Nagar Road directly to Vimannagar. However, the construction of the flyover at Shastrinagar faced delays due to the requirement of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Archaeology Department, as the Aga Khan Palace near Shastrinagar is a national monument.”


MLA Tingre further elaborated on his efforts to expedite the process, stating, “I followed up with the Central and State governments, through Deputy Chief Minister Ajitdada Pawar, to facilitate the issuance of the NOC. I am pleased to announce that the NOC process has been successfully completed, and the Archaeology Department has granted NOC to the Pune Municipal Corporation on May 2, 2024.”


Highlighting the next steps, MLA Tingre mentioned that the commencement of construction work will be scheduled after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections’ code of conduct.