Pune: Siblings Sell Kheer Cooked By Mother, Now Earn Around Rs 1 Crore

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Pune, January 27, 2021: Kheer has a unique significance in Indian food culture and is made with various recipes. However, this Indian dessert has made siblings in Pune entrepreneurs. Jatin, Pradyuman,  Shivang and Sivika Sood started the business two years ago where they sold the Kheer made by their mother.

Kheer from an outlet called ‘La Kheer Deli’ (LKD) is gaining popularity across the country. Different flavours of Kheer like Nutella, Brownie, Chocolate, Oreo, and Gulkand are served in the outlet.

In an interview, 27-year-old Shivang Sood said, “We both used to make Kheer when we were little. A few years ago, in 2017, my sister got bored with this Kheer. Then Sonia put a spoonful of Nutella and Oreo in Kheer. This changed the taste of Kheer. So she told her kids about this taste. After this, the mother made Kheer by adding gulkand and brownie. The family loved that taste too. Not only that but, they also gave this Kheer to their relatives to taste.”

“Initially, I used to run a sports startup. Then the idea of starting this kheer stall came to my and Sivika’s head. But we were worried about investment. Later, on May 19, 2017, we managed to get investment and started a stall at Aundh outside Starbucks,” says Shivang.

Gradually the business grew, and, eventually, they started branding through marketing and social media. Soon they also started pre-ordering facilities. After this, the Sood and Jain family started a shop on JM Road in Pune in 2018. The business recorded earnings of Rs 33 lakh in the first year. In 2018, it increased to Rs 84 lakh, and in 2019 and 2020, profit was more than one crore rupees. They deliver all across Pune via website www.lakheerdeli.com. They also have a store in Mumbai at Girgaon.

Their mother, Sonia Sood, 52, was a teacher at the school, and she quit her job to help her children. The La Kheer Deli outlet in Pune is trendy today, and she said that she has no regrets as the business is doing exceptionally well.

Shivang said, “Jatin Jain, our COO, has been instrumental in setting up, scaling and streamlining operations. He has been an integral part of team LKD since day 1, becoming the backbone of the company. Meeting Jatin and partnering with him was meant to be. The day we met and discussed prospects of scaling the business as soon as I proposed the idea of giving away seeds with every order, Jatin pulled out his diary from his bag and showed me that his goal was to plant 1 lakh saplings by 2020, which we did achieve later. Some things are meant to be and we are glad to have him on board.”