Pune: Sky Shot Firecracker Mishap Leaves Six Family Members Injured On Porwal Road

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Lohegaon, 14th November 2023: On Diwali night, a Sky Shot firecracker meant for the sky ended up exploding on the ground, causing serious injuries to six members of the same family in the parking lot of Sai Leela Residency on Porwal Road in Lohegaon, Pune.

The incident occurred while Janardhan Kusale and his family were performing vehicle worship during Lakshmi Puja in the building’s parking lot on Sunday night. Simultaneously, the Prakash Kudale family was engaged in bursting firecrackers. Despite Kusale’s request for Kudale to move the activity outside, firecrackers were ignited within the parking lot itself.

The turning point came when Kudale lit a Sky Shot firecracker, anticipating it to soar into the sky and illuminate the night. However, the firecracker deviated from its expected trajectory, landing directly on the Kusale family. The resulting sparks caused severe injuries to multiple family members.

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Rakhi Janardhan Kusale (47) suffered burns and a fractured hand, while Anjali Siddhant Kusale, a pregnant nurse, sustained burns to her mouth. Manali (26) and Sonali (28) faced burns to their hair and clothes, and Sonali (18) sustained burns on her forehead. Additionally, Purva’s dress caught fire, and two-year-old Anaya suffered an eye injury.

All the injured individuals were rushed to a private hospital, with some having already been treated and discharged.