Pune: Social distancing in Spicer, a model every institution should follow

Spicer University Pune
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, May 12, 2020: Every institution is dealing with lockdown differently. Here is the case of SAU (Spicer Adventist University), a fortress which has been sealed entirely from city limits. Following the orders from the state government, Spicer which has students from different parts of the country and globe, has successfully managed to deal with the COVID 19 lockdown and has zero cases till date.

How was this possible?
Spicer gate has been sealed off completely and is only accessible to staff members who have special permission from the Vice-chancellor office. They are only permitted to leave the campus premises barely once in a week. Additionally, only one member from one family is allowed to buy essential food items. Students, hostelites aren’t allowed to move out of the campus even to buy necessary commodities.

How are students and staff members managing?
SAU has already arranged for vegetables directly from vegetable vendors inside the campus, and it happens periodically after a few days. If a student wants to buy any essential commodity, he/she has a staff member assigned who has access to go outside and purchase the necessary items for them.

How is Social distancing being maintained inside the campus?
Cafeteria for students is still active and running. Social distancing is practised as the students are made to sit at least 4 feet apart from each other. Vice-chancellor has also requested students not to mingle around and stay indoors, said one of the students who did not wish to be identified.

What do students and staff members do for recreational purpose?
Staff members in Spicer invest their time in gardening and planting. Almost every house in Spicer has a backyard, and around 90% of the members are actively engaging in this activity. 5 pm is the liveliest time because the campus is most active. Students are allowed to go for a run within the premises but by also making sure that social distancing is maintained.

“Lockdown is very strict, which is the reason we have zero cases till date, social distancing is being practiced as well, and we will continue to do so”, said another student who also wished to remain unnamed. While the government has asked every citizen to follow the lockdown norms, SAU has taken these measures to ensure that it is followed strictly.